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S-Jet 600 TIJ Printers

Sellenis’ high resolution, high quality S-Jet 600 series industrial printers incorporates the world’s best TIJ HP TIJ 2.5 industrial Thermal Ink Jet  technology. We offer:

  • 1 printheads printing up to 12.7mm high characters/images. Up to 8 pens capable of printing up to 100mm high characters/images when stitched together
  • Powerful software packed with functions and features (external protocol, windows driver, databases, 1D & 2D barcodes, GS1, real time printing etc..)
  • Options to use our 10.1” touch screen, your pc or your mobile phone to communicate with and control our printers

Our S-Jet 600 series printers provide high-resolution up to 600 dpi, high quality bar codes, logos, graphics and alphanumeric text with a reliable, no-maintenance, easy-to-use, snap-in and snap-out configuration. Our S-Jet 600 series TIJ prints superb texts and images quality at high speeds across a wide range of substrates.

Industrial product manufacturers can get to work immediately, and operate and maintain Sellenis’ TIJ based printers without any special training, and without warm-up cycles or downtime. When the ink in a cartridge is depleted, the empty cartridge is the only one that needs to be replaced. The special design enables easy, clean, fast (seconds) snap-in and snap-out replacement of the ink cartridges.

Sellenis S-Jet 600 series family

S-Jet 601
1 pen
12.5 mm print height
Up to 6 lines of print
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S-Jet 602
2 pens
25 mm print height
Up to 12 lines of print
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S-Jet 603
3 pens
38.1 mm print height
Prints text, barcodes, images
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S-Jet 604
4 pens
50.8 mm print height
Prints text, barcodes, images
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