Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)
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Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers print on products without touching or coming anywhere in contact with the product surface or its packaging. These industrial printers are rugged and robust and are therefore able to operate in even harsh environments of temperature, humidity and dust.  These printing machines are installed on production lines during product manufacture and thus print live on lines moving with speeds of up to 300 m/min or 1000 ft/min.

Because these printers do not come in contact with the product surface or its packaging, they are perfect for printing on flat or curved surfaces. 

CIJ printers use several types and formulations of inks to print on virtually any substrate or material of almost any finish, size or porosity. Typical industrial continuous inkjet printing applications include bottling, canning, cable marking, pipe and extrusion coding, metal and glass marking, blister packs, form-fill-seal machinery, web numbering and addressing. Thus, they print on metals, plastics (PP, PET, HDPE), films, glass (wet or dry), wood, and paper or carton boxes.

Sellenis limited has formulated and is making and supplying a vast range of high quality guaranteed CIJ inks to allow its printers to print text, images and barcodes on all the of the above listed substrates giving unrivalled adhesion, colour and durability. 

Sellenis has also designed and has supplying high quality CIJ spare parts such as nozzles, filters, pumps, valves and other accessories. All our spare parts and inks are guaranteed.

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CIJ Spare Parts

CIJ Nozzles
High quality robust CIJ nozzles
All our nozzles are guaranteed for 12 months. Please click below for list of nozzles
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CIJ Filters
Filters made in Cambridge UK.
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CIJ pumps, valves, others
Pumps, Valves, Diaphragms & more
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