About us

What we offer

Combined 85 years experience Designing & launching world #1 industrial ink jet printers for the digital coding and marking industry

We have designed and are now manufacturing & supplying several industrial printer systems:

  • TIJ range of printers from 1 pen to 12 pen printer systems
  • High Resolution Piezo DOD using Seiko & Xaar printheads
  • Large Character Printer (LCP) Valvejet printer series
  • A comprehensive range of CIJ inks and associated make ups

We provide CIJ expertise designing printheads, ink systems, electronics, automation and printer system control and print speed and quality optimisation

Sellenis Current IP, know-how & trade secrets

  • Sellenis Current IP, know-how & trade secrets
  • 4 large industrial ink Jet printer system software source codes
  • 4 large firmware, FPGA source codes
  • Several software & windows printer drivers8 patents
  • Comprehensive CIJ ink formulations and associated manufacturing methods
  • Design and manufacturing drawing packages for CIJ, TIJ, DOD and valvejet
  • CIJ printer design and manufacturing expertise, know how and trade secrets

Experienced creative team 110 combined patents over last 20 years



MISSION The company’s goal is to develop and deliver high quality industrial coding, marking and product ID printing products

LEADERSHIP The leadership team includes Dr Ammar Lecheheb, Mr Matthew Tomlin and Mr Jerzy Zaba, backed by other veterans of the industrial inkjet world. Members of the Sellenis team have been designing, developing, manufacturing and introducing ink jet printers into the market for the last 25 years

Jerzy Zaba


Mr Zaba has over 30 patents to his name, has worked as a senior engineer and executive with Domino, Xaar, Videojet and Tonejet

Engineering Manager – Tonejet
Engineering Manager – Videojet Inc
Chief Engineer – XAAR Plc
Chief Engineer – Domino Printing Sciences BSc, MSc

Dr Ammar Lecheheb


Dr Lecheheb has 25 years experience as a developer of inkjet systems and has over 40 patents to his name. He worked in senior technical and management positions with Domino Printing Sciences, Willett International, Videojet and Tonejet.

VP Engineering & Production – Tonejet
VP R&D Videojet Inc
Technical Director – Willett International
R&D Manager – Domino Printing Sciences Ph.D

Matthew Tomlin

Exec Director

Mr Tomlin has over 15 years experience as developer, project manager and over 25 patents to his name. He worked at Domino printing, Willett, Videojet and CAMCON

Director – Sellenis Ltd
Technical Director – Camcon Ltd
Project Manager – Videojet Inc
Project Manager – Willett International
Dev Engr- Domino Printing Sciences, B.Eng