Piezo DOD

Sellenis Piezo Drop On Demand (DOD) Ink jet

The Sellenis S-Jet 700 series of high-Resolution Piezo DOD printers offer a very attractive and economical way of printing labels live and on line directly onto products such as cardboard, corrugate, paper box and carton decoration applications.

Direct carton, secondary packaging printing with the Sellenis S-Jet 700 series printers speeds up coding and marking of products, increases productivity and reduces waste of labels thus improving bottom line and contributing to better environmental conditions.

Sellenis DOD printers are easily integrated into factory management system and can print text, logos, graphics and barcodes up to 144 mm high onto porous or non-porous secondary packaging substrates using mineral free oil based, solvent based or UV curing inks.

Sellenis DOD printers have the option of using powerful, automatic active pressure-controlled ink supply pump system allowing flexibility, reliability and robustness of installation and continued operation. This means that the ink reservoir supplying ink does not have to be fixed to the printhead and thus can mounted anywhere on the production line. Furthermore, the supply reservoir can be of any size and does not have to be small to fit in or be integral to the printhead.

Sellenis Piezo DOD 700 series family

S-Jet 7072
1 pen
12.5 mm print height
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S-Jet 7144
2 pens
25 mm print height
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S-Jet 7017
3 pens
37.5 mm print height
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S-Jet 7035
4 pens
50 mm print height
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