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Valvejet LCP (Large Character Printer) S-Jet 800 Series

Sellenis S-Jet 800 series printers use 7, 16, 32 valve printhead options to print very large text and graphics on virtually any substrate porous or non-porous, flat or curved such as corrugated carton boxes, wood, concrete pipes, concrete slabs large aluminium frames, large plastic pipes etc.

Sellenis provide a wide range of inks to allow high adhesion, dark (black or spot colour) durable printing on carton, metal, plastic, rubber, wood and concrete surfaces.

The Sellenis S-Jet 800 inkjet Valvejet LCP (Large Character Printer) is a robust technology that can operate in harsh environments printing on almost any surfaces.

Valvejet LCP S-Jet 800 series family

S-Jet 807
7 pens
30 mm print height
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S-Jet 816
16 pens
70.5 mm print height
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S-Jet 832
32 pens
142.5 mm print height
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