S Jet Mini

Sellenis S Jet Mini series

Sellenis’ S-Jet mini-series printers are compact, small industrial coding and marking ink jet printers. They use the well tried, tested and famous HP thermal ink jet TIJ 2.5 Technology. These Sellenis printers integrate printhead and controller in one small, light, beautifully designed aluminium enclosure. The S-Jet mini incorporate 3 integrated product sensors for right and left moving products and a bottom sensor for printing as close to the bottom edge of a product packaging as possible. It also offer the option of using external, flexible shaft encoder and photocell.

Sellenis’ S-Jet mini printers are compatible with free Sellenis’ SJetEasy mobile phone apps which allow you to remotely connect, control and print from your Apple or Android mobile telephone device with no need for internet or WIFI. It’s convenient and easy to use. This allows factory managers and operators to operate and manage printers from a distance without physical interaction with these printers

Sellenis’ S-Jet mini is beautifully made and is compact and small in size but big in features and benefits. It is a powerful and cost-effective printer for industrial coding and marking of product live on production lines.

Sellenis S Jet Mini series family

S-Jet Mini 100
1 pen
12.5 mm print height
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S-Jet Mini 100 XT
1 pen
12.5 mm print height extra features
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