600 plus

S-Jet 600 Plus TIJ Industrial Inkjet Printers

The Sellenis S-Jet 600 series plus provides modular ink jet printers based on the high-quality HP TIJ 2.5 print technology. These high resolution industrial printer systems offer multiple TIJ printhead configurations from 6 to 12 pens allowing printing height from 75 mm to 150 mm (3” to 6””). The printers are easy to install and integrate in a printing production environment and IT systems using sellenis protocol and Microsoft approved windows driver.

These Sellenis systems are used to personalise mail without applying labels. They can also be used to apply marketing images for impactful mail. Sellenis’ advanced printing technology and powerful software deliver printing of text, barcodes and images of the highest quality (up to 600 dpi) and at very high speed for envelopes addressing, carton boxes coding, and other marketing materials and products.

Sellenis’ S-Jet 600 plus printer increases productivity (up to 36,000 envelopes/labels per hour) and reduces waste of labels thus improving bottom line and contributing to better environmental conditions.

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Sellenis S Jet 600 Plus series family

S-Jet 606
6 pens
76.2 mm print height
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S-Jet 608
8 pens
101.6 mm print height
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S-Jet 612
12 pens
152.4 mm print height
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