S-Jet 700 – High resolution Piezo DOD printer series

Sellenis S-Jet 700 DOD Brochure

Sellenis S-Jet 700 series High resolution DOD printing up to 72 mm high images… Sellenis S-Jet 700 gives you …. >more productivity-high uptime >more print quality – up to 720 dpi > more flexibility -print text, images, logos, > high quality 1D & 2D barcodes, up to 72mm high > more applications including pharmacy, > blister packs, cosmetics, cigarettes > Higher throw distance up to 5mm > more profit Sellenis S-Jet 700 printer is the new gold standard for your high quality, secure, error free product coding, marking and auto ID jobs… no other ink jet printing technology can come even close. ` Enabling you to apply correct codes; implement Serialisation to meet increasing track & trace legislations on primary and secondary packaging