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Linx® CIJ Printer Valves and Pumps

Side-ported valve

Sellenis: SL501.0363
Comparable to: FA74125

Side-ported valve

Sellenis: SL501.0396
Comparable to: FA74151

Valve 3-way

Sellenis: SL501.1055
Comparable to: FA74131

Venturi st st

Sellenis: SL501.0403
Comparable to: FA16313

Venturi MK3 st st

Sellenis: SL601-0247
Comparable to: FA73055


Sellenis: SL101.0326
Comparable to: FA16310

Venturi MK2

Sellenis: SL501.0402
Comparable to: FA10301

pump head

Sellenis: SL501.0292
Comparable to: FA72101