Valvejet 16 valve printhead

Multiple Languages (can easily add other languages)
Print text, barcodes, images up to 142.5 mm in height
Achieve print speeds of up to 300 m/min (600 ft/min)
Support GS1 data format;
Full track & trace software
Use fast drying solvent inks as well as water based ones
Employ dye and pigment based inks to print on almost any substrates

Ease of Use & Integration
A large 10.1 touch screen for ease of operation
A common graphical user interface across all of our products
On and off line windows based label creation and printer controller
Integrate easily with external third party devices
Intuitive, icon based user interface requiring little or no training
Automatic or manual printhead flushing (purging)
Live display of ink used and print data

Sellenis’ 16 valve, 16 nozzle valvejet printer able to run solvent based as well as water based inks.
It can print texts and images up to 70 mm high.
It operates at 1.2 KHz
Valve driving voltages individually adjustable
valve opening time adjustable to yield a wide range of dot sizes
Adjustable text and images height and resolutions through the use of printhead slant