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Valvejet 7 valve printhead

Valvejet 7 valve printhead

• Rugged, durable printheads
• Perform well in even the harshest of environments (dusty, wet, high temperatures)
• Wide operating environmental and temperature conditions

Widest range of applications
• Print on cartons, sacs of cements, fruits etc..
• Metal and plastics (pipes, windows frames, steel, etc.)
• Timbers & woods
• Concrete
Sellenis' 7 valve, 7 nozzle valvejet printer able to run solvent based as well as water based inks. It can print texts and images up to 29 mm high. It operates at 1.2 KHz Valve driving voltages individually adjustable valve opening time adjustable to yield a wide range of dot sizes Adjustable text and images height and resolutions through the use of printhead slant