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Fully compatible alternative cartridge for use with Videojet® 1000 series

Alternative Cartridge: A Sellenis-owned design and IP with patent pending

We offer an extensive range of alternative CIJ for use with most of OEM installed base of printers. Now we also offer fully compatible alternative ink and make up cartridges for with videojet 1000 series CIJ printers. 

Purchasing Choice

You no longer need to purchase expensive OEM cartridges for Videojet® 1000 Series CIJ printers. Our alternative cartridges are available directly from us or from a wide range of distributors. In addition, we don't have exclusive distributorship deals in place. This is to ensure you get maximum choice. This means you can decide where you want to purchase replacement cartridges.

Fully compatible alternative cartridge for use with Videojet® 1000 series

Higher Quality

 The design of our cartridges uses a unitary construction method which makes them highly durable and effective. We also use high-quality materials for the cartridge as well as high-quality ink. This ensures the cartridge delivers effective results every time, helping you achieve consistent coding and marking standards.

 More Value for Money

 Our cartridges are a third bigger than the OEM alternative, plus we fill them with high-quality ink. The cartridges are cheaper to purchase too, and they come with technology to ensure there is no wasted ink. All this together means you can lower the cost of printing without any reduction in performance, consistency, or reliability.